Life is a rollercoaster, you just got to ride it…….

I thought my blog had come to an end, with treatment finished and my life returned to a very acceptable standard of normal, I thought I had nothing else to share. I was wrong. I viewed my blog as a diary a way to make sense of my emotions and get things clear in my mind, but it was really much more than that. Not only did I have my friends and family around me but I had an extended circle of amazing people all in the background rooting for me cheering me on, praying for me, sending me gifts and messages of encouragement. You all really cared about my journey and I can only apologise for not doing this post sooner. Anyone that follows the blogs Facebook page will know that on the 4th June I had my MRI scan. This scan was going to show how the tumour had reacted to treatment. Early the next day I got a phone call from the hospital to tell me that my scan looked great and the recommendations were another MRI in three months. I flew off to Tenerife the next week and had a fabulous family holiday to celebrate not only the results but also my birthday.

The day after arriving home I had an appointment with my consultant. I wasn’t expecting anything other than a chat. However I walked out with the news that I would have a “procedure” in the next few weeks to check the MRI results. It turns out that although my scan showed the tumour had gone there was some “thickening” of the cervix that they wanted to check out. I was assured this was more than likely scar tissue from the radiation. On Monday past I had the procedure and I am now waiting on results of biopsies they took. It would be easy for me to get stressed and feel like I was back at square one waiting to be told I had cancer all over again, but I refuse to be in that situation.

Through speaking to the dr before the procedure if the results where to say that there are cancer cells still present, the next step may be a hysterectomy. As much as I hate the thought of another operation, if that’s what’s needed then so be it. None of my girly organs work anymore anyway so the only loss will be a few lbs off on the scales.

Leaving the hospital on Monday I got the usual line……”we should have the results within two weeks”. So for now it’s life as normal.

And just for the record, anyone who is maybe only starting on their journey through cancer or any illness, Life does go on and it does go back to normal. I remember thinking that my life would never be the same again, crying that my life was over and I would always have a cancer shaped cloud over my life. This is not the case and it’s actually quite hard to believe that such a life changing thing, doesn’t actually change things all that much. Just keep fighting.