#7 The adventure begins

1st February 2017. We are in Dublin airport about to board a plane to Dubai.

The adventure really began nineteen months ago with a cup of tea and a chocolate bar but up until now we had no idea how far the journey would take us. Boarding the plane to Dubai I was filled with excitement of what could be but also fear, I was about to complete an eight hour flight with a 22 month old boisterous little Madame who had to sit on my knee! Thankfully the flight was 10.30pm and I was banking on her sleeping for most of the journey. Six hours later she is lying across both my arms which are completely numb, I can’t feel my legs and I’m being fed my inflight meal by my husband. As you can see nothing is worth risking wakening her up for so I sit patiently waiting for the flight to end. We arrive in Dubai their morning time and there are no words to describe how tired I am. We check in and as soon as we get to the room I collapse into bed. The kids having slept on the plane play around the room having pillow flights and my husband watches the tv. It won’t be long before we board our final flight and reach our destination …. Australia.

The next day after some sleep, a shower and room service we leave for Dubai airport to board are final plane to Australia. This flight would take fourteen hours nearly double of the last one. The planes for long haul flights are thankfully much better than the smaller ones. You have your own personal tv screen, a menu for inflight meals and complimentary refreshments the entire journey. You also get a wash bag with the travel essentials included and the children on board get a blanket and bag with colours and toys. This all makes the 14 hours a little more bearable. Landing in Australia I could barely contain myself long enough to get our luggage, I knew waiting just outside the doors would be my Aunt and uncle.

Before my aunt lived in Australia she lived just round the corner from me and even though I was young when she left for oz I still have many found memories of her. I loved having sleep overs at hers and when she came round to mine at bedtime just to read me a bed time story. When I say read me a story it was more like she told me a story from the depths of her imagination, and believe me these were the best stories ever! Most of which included actions, songs and teddy bears coming to life. No one told a bed time story like this lady. She was and still is amazing.

Thinking about it this was actually the reason why I was in Australia, because of her bedtime stories. My aunt longed to be a mum for as long as a I can remember her gentle caring fun nature was the perfect recipe for an amazing mum. She deserved to have a child of her own that she could tell these bed time stories too, that she could love and cherish. I wanted to fill that void in her heart. I wanted to be her surrogate. I wanted to carry the child she couldn’t. I wanted to make her Mum.

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