#4 The start of something special

It’s 2011 and I have survived the first two years of being a mum. To be honest my success was partly down to having a really great baby, he done exactly what it said on the tin…. eat sleep repeat. He slept all night from six weeks old and I really did get it easy compared to some. When James was two years old his dad and I decided that it was best we parted ways. I was now a single mum. I moved into a new house and got a job.

Fast forward 18 months and I decide to give online dating a go. I had zero expectations and entered with extreme caution. The site I joined was called plenty of fish, the main reason behind joining this one…..lets be honest was because it was free. I didn’t want to have to pay to meet weirdos when I could do it for free. Anyone who is familiar with online dating will know that during the process of creating your profile you can select what age range of people you’d like to meet. I have always preferred the “older man” and had set my age range to fifteen plus years older than me. When your browsing through the profiles of potential sugar daddies you have the option to add a person to your favourites, this means that they get notified that someone likes them. Me being a typical woman refused to make initial conversation with anyone, they had to make the first move. This was until I seen the picture of a silver fox who made my heart beat a little faster and reading his profile made my smile a little bigger. “let the treasure see the chest” was his chat up line and I just couldn’t sit and wait on this one making the first move I had to at least add him to my favourites.0CF3B951-C947-44FC-94D2-8E43D42E1EB4

I had convinced myself that this wasn’t making the first move because I wasn’t actually initiating a conversation. Within minutes of me clicking the button he started a conversation online and this progressed to text message then to actual phone calls. We arranged to meet and I was terrified, for all I knew he was a serial killer or some strange man ten years older than me that liked to collect stamps. A few Bacardi and Diet Cokes helped to calm my nerves before I walked into the bar to meet him. Typical me I was on time and there first, he was late. We started talking and in what seemed like only minutes, hours had passed and the bar was starting to empty. I have spent every day with him since.


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