#1 My unbiological son

Seven weeks and three days ago, I gave birth to my cousin. (I’ll give you a few seconds to try and make sense of that sentence) yes I gave birth to my cousin. A little boy, he arrived three weeks early and with little warning. He was a healthy 6lbs 8oz

It was an ordinary Thursday night my husband Paul had came home from football (he plays for fun with the men from our church, unfortunately I’m not a footballers wife)  we had went to bed late and by 2am I was still only in a light sleep. I felt a slight trickle of moisture between my legs and immediately dismissed it as being too warm and sweaty. I moved my leg to kick the blankets of me and to my horror there was a much larger gush of fluid, panicked I went to the bathroom and when I realised it wasn’t me or my husband  having bladder problems I began to panic.

Little did I know that this was my last few moments of “normal”


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