#2 Determination

Rewind to December 2007

I had left school that June with no GCSEs, I was living with my boyfriend above his mums garage and I was Studying one day a week while working in a children’s nursery. I was just starting out, had no idea what I wanted to do where I wanted to be or who I wanted to be with. I had no big dreams or ambitions at 16 I was just floating through seeing where life would take me. Then life give me a big, huge, life changing wake up call……. I was going to be a mum. I was 16 living in one room above a garage and I was going to be a mum. 9380A0CE-DA05-487C-B1B3-ACC6971EB267

This was the year I learned about determination. Within 9 months I had a home and everything I needed for my first child. I had left my job and stopped studying, I wanted to raise my baby my way. I didn’t want to rely on parents babysitting while I worked, I didn’t want to send him to a nursery while I minded other kids, it didn’t seem logical to me. Everyone told me I’d never cope, that having this baby would mean the ruin of my life. I was determined to prove them wrong and I did. Having James gave me a purpose. I no longer floated through life, this was the beginning of me becoming the person I am today.


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